From Agatha Christie to CSI…

From Agatha Christie to CSI…

From Agatha Christie to CSI, crime and investigation has formed the backbone of entertainment since the dawn of fiction. For many investigators like myself, our passion for the job started and grew from these kinds of stories and we are often compared to those on-screen characters the audience has grown to love (what a compliment!). But in the name of entertainment, the writers will sacrifice realism for drama, and this can lead to some unfulfilling plot lines!

disaffectedly Have you ever questioned the convenient clues that drop at the PI’s feet? Have you rolled your eyes when the bad guy literally runs into a dead end?

cheap stromectol Have you seen one too many cases solved by sudden, unrelated ‘epiphanies’?

Syosset You are not alone! As a result, we now see a surge in the popularity of ‘True Crime’ stories. In recent years hundreds of books, blogs, Netflix series and Youtube Channels have popped up covering the subject, showing people’s thirst for real life investigations with a little more substance. The trouble is, there is a limited number of ‘true crime’ stories out there! You quickly find yourself revisiting the same investigations, albeit from slightly different perspectives, and it soon becomes tedious. You might even find you spend more time searching for something new rather than enjoying it!

What if there was something in between true crime and pure fiction, that provided fresh new content you don’t have to spend hours searching for?

I have received so much lovely feedback from my blog that I really wanted to expand it, but I wasn’t sure what that would look like. I knew I wanted to make something interactive for people to enjoy together. I also knew I wanted to keep telling my story, offering you insights into my work and the methods of investigation I use every day. After all, these are the things that people really seem to enjoy reading about the most! This year I have had the opportunity to work with some awesome people, fleshing out my ideas and bringing them to life. Finally, I am so excited to announce the release of my latest project – Mysteries with Miss AM!

Designed as a fully immersive experience for amateur investigators, from solving mysteries in game to listening to my new crimes and investigations podcast, this community-based website and forum takes you from simply binge-watching to being right in the centre of your own story. Plus, through social media and our exclusive membership, you can chat with likeminded mystery enthusiasts and join our band of super sleuths!

I feel so inspired by this project because it gives me a chance to apply my knowledge and experience to some truly unique storytelling. When you subscribe to the Mysteries with Miss AM community, you know that whatever you read, listen to or solve yourself is genuinely tied in with my own detective work and methods. No Hollywood gimmicks here!

I can’t wait to start interacting with all of you, lead you through online puzzles and investigations and join in some deep forum discussions. To make sure you don’t miss out, make sure to follow Mysteries with Miss AM on Facebook. And don’t forget your magnifying glass!

Launching soon!