Author: Kelsey

Behaviour Red Flags

January is over, and you may find that a lot of people are just about ready to give up on their new year’s resolutions. Whether it was eating healthy, going to the gym, saving money or numerous other hopeful ideals, a New Year sees a host of ‘New Me’s’ as people adopt strange habits outside…
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What makes a good Private Investigator?

When you are looking for the right Private Investigator for your case, the internet is full of advice and traits to look out for. It is impossible to remember every detail, and you may miss something important, like trying to remember an entire shopping list, but then looking at the shelves of options and drawing…
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My Interesting Job – Sheerluxe Interview

As you know, I love sharing snippets of information about my job; I find it so interesting and I hope you do too. So I was extra delighted when lifestyle and culture online magazine Sheerluxe wanted to talk to me about it; of course I jumped at the chance! Read the full interview here!  …
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