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How to Spot a Catfish

Although fairly commonplace online, the term ‘Catfish’ or ‘Catfishing’ has actually only been around for the past ten years. It originates from the same-named film and subsequent MTV docu-series, following the stories of people who meet online and form deep, meaningful connections, only to find that the other party isn’t who they are claiming to…
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Business Safety During Covid-19

2020 has made us all rethink our working lives and the way we conduct our business day to day. Whole industries have needed to adapt dramatically, including redesigning workspaces, optimising their online presence/revenue and, perhaps most notably, enabling staff to work from home. And all these things require investment, such as new equipment and software,…
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Behaviour Red Flags

January is over, and you may find that a lot of people are just about ready to give up on their new year’s resolutions. Whether it was eating healthy, going to the gym, saving money or numerous other hopeful ideals, a New Year sees a host of ‘New Me’s’ as people adopt strange habits outside…
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