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Investigators Role in Divorce Proceedings

Divorce proceedings are rarely pleasant. Even in the case of mutual break ups, the dissolution of a marriage is a complex thing and, in instances where the trust has been broken and communication has become an issue, you may feel your ex spouse is hiding something that could affect the case. There are a number…
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Matrimonial Investigations: What to do if you suspect a cheater?

When you take your wedding vows, the seriousness of the contract you are entering into is often overshadowed by the romance and giddiness of the day. It is a beautiful moment, one that you cherish. But when you suspect that your partner has broken these vows, amidst the emotional turmoil you experience, you may need…
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How social media has changed Private Investigation

Social media has changed the way the world works. From how we communicate with each other each day to how businesses operate. It’s become a part of everyday life so far that most people post everything about their lives without really thinking about it. On a personal level, this rarely causes complication, but for a…
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