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Warning: Thieves Operate in this Season

In the UK, we are all familiar with the sign ‘WARNING: Thieves Operate in this Area’. You will find it in tourist hotspots, busy high streets or crowded car parks, but it could be hung almost anywhere. What do you do when you see this sign? I would wager my purse that most of us…
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Volunteer Services and Your Safety

The world we live in has changed a lot in the past months. While we have been physically distant, communities have come together to help their most vulnerable, celebrating the fact that we are all in this together even when we are apart. From community Facebook groups to national services, it has been humbling to…
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Safeguarding Children: Childminders

When you make the decision to trust your children with a someone else, it is obviously not a choice you should make lightly. Choosing the right childminder can be a minefield if you do not know what to look out for and whoever you decide to go with, for whatever reason, should exceed a minimum…
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