Elite Dating Sites

The phrase ‘have it all’ can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some it’s being able to afford trips abroad, seeing the world. For others it is being at the top of your career. Others still feel it’s owning your own home and filling it with all the latest gadgets. But even if you do have all these amazing things and opportunities, without someone to share it with you may begin to feel that ‘having it all’ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Love is always in the air and, for those of who are single and looking, it can feel like it’s getting a little hard to breathe! But fear not – in today’s world of dating apps and matchmaking sites, your next love could be at the touch of a button. Tailored dating experiences are also becoming increasingly popular, with sites for every orientation, flirtation and kink you can think of. So it is unsurprising that services like Elite Singles and Millionaire Match have been created just for those in the upper tax bracket and that they are becoming increasingly popular with singles around the country. The criteria is tough though – Millionaire Match, for example, looks for singles who make over £200K per year. Alternatively you can opt to be one of the ‘attractive’ singles looking for an affluent partner. Either way, if you fit this specific demographic you too can join this award winning site and find people who share your values.

But how do you know you aren’t being taken advantage of? While this particular site boasts no sugar daddies or sugar babies are allowed as members (instead offering the site ‘sugardaddymeet.com’ as an alternative) it can be difficult for those who ‘have it all’ to trust that their partner isn’t just in it for material reasons. On the other side of the coin, you may find that your new partner isn’t as successful as they claim to be. You may even fear that the person has created a fake persona just to lure you in. A now common phenomenon on the internet, colloquially known as ‘catfishing’, people will go so far as to create an entirely fake person and profile in order to trick people into a relationship. Sometimes never even meeting the person, as an online romance blossoms people can find themselves easily being taken advantage of.

How can you know for sure that the person you are talking to is really who they say they are?

Seeking.com (a proud ‘sugaring’ website) says that the average sugar baby will collect £2150 ($2800) a month – a MONTH! Although, when you think about the considerable wealth of the people who choose to get involve with these sorts of relationships, it isn’t too shocking. But what if you didn’t CHOOSE this relationship, rather fell into a trap or were manipulated by someone whose sole intention was to get your money.

By hiring a PI you can take the guesswork out of such things. Investigating the interested party can reveal things like their current job, their past relationships, their hobbies, interests and political views and, in extreme cases, whether or not they really exist. Meaning you can dodge the proverbial bullet or, as we always hope will be the case in such things, you can be confident that your new partner is in the relationship because they are a true kindred spirit.

It is so important to protect yourself when pursuing relationships online. Both your material assets and your emotions are put at risk. This is why we always recommend treading carefully and finding out as much as you can about a person before you invest your time and feelings in them. Be sure, be safe.