When you are going to court, you want to make sure that you have every tool at your disposal to get the result you’re fighting for.

Did you know, a private investigator can help?

Whether you are prosecution or defence, I can help build your case without passing judgement.

As a member of UKPIN, I am regularly re-evaluating work to ensure I am up to date with current legislation and best practise. This means the best results for you.


Criminal Defence Investigations

A crime has been committed and you want justice to be appropriately served. You may be the victim or you may be wrongly accused – either way, I want to hear your side of the story. My methods of investigation will leave no stone un-turned and ensure that you go into court with a strong foundation of evidence to back up your case.


Process Serving

Process serving is there to protect both parties. As a Private Investigator and a process server, I can figure out the best way to reach a person who may be avoiding a summons. Once the job has been completed, I am then able to testify that the opposing party has been served accordingly and you can continue court proceedings uninhibited.


Accident and Insurance Investigations

Whether you are the injured party, or someone is claiming against you, I can help you reach a fair settlement. If you are suspicious someone is faking their injuries, surveillance can be the most effective way to prove this. Likewise, if you need evidence of wrongdoing or proof of negligence to support your claim, I can utilise similar techniques to get to the bottom of things.


Witness Tracing

A key and credible witness can change everything in a court case. If you think there may be a bystander who can corroborate your story, or you know that such a person exists but they have gone AWOL, I can apply the same tactics I would use in a missing persons case to find you that witness.


At this stage in my career, I have plenty of experience in court matters. Allow me to use my knowledge and expertise to help you fight your case. Get in touch today.