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When dealing with business or finance, you need to be able to trust the team around you. If that trust is broken, or you simply need a second pair of eyes to ensure it, I can help you get a complete picture of what is going on in your business. I can also help locate debtors, and provide you with details and evidence needed to help you receive any money owed to you.

Did you know, a private investigator can help?


You already supervise your team. But what do you do if you are concerned that something is going on when your back is turned? Something that could harm your business and, ultimately, land on your shoulders? I am in a position to conduct surveillance without raising any suspicions, and provide you any evidence you need to deal with employee misconduct effectively and by the book.


Employee Background Checks

You have worked hard to build a team that reflects your business. When looking at a new hire, however, a CV and an interview can only go far. First impressions are everything after all, so they will likely be putting on a front to try to impress you. Using my investigative techniques, I can find out all you need to know about your prospective employee so you can make an informed decision about who you are offering a contract to. Feel secure in the knowledge that you have found the right fit for your team.


Finding debtors

A Private Investigator can help you claim money that is owed to you in a number of ways. With the tools at my disposal I can find your debtor, trace their assets and serve court summons, assisting you at all stages of the tricky debit collection process.

If you debtor is claiming they are unable to pay you back due to lack of funds, insolvency or bankruptcy, enforcing payment can be a struggle, particularly if the person who owes you money has gone AWOL and avoids any kind of communication with you. Using the same tools I would use in a missing persons case, I can quickly and efficiently find the person in question.


Serving Court Summons

If you are at the point where you need to ask a court to intervene, I am an experienced and qualified process server. This means that, even if your debtor refuses to appear in court, you can show that you have done everything in your power to reach out to them and the court will more likely rule in your favour.


Elite Dating

When a client sets up a profile on your matchmaking site, they are trusting you not only with their personal information but also with their personal, romantic life. As scammers and online phenomenon such as cat-fishing become more prevalent, people are quickly realising that safety on the internet is vital but are still unsure how to action this themselves. A vetting service like mine, made easily accessible via your website, will ensure that your company is seen to be making your clients’ safety a priority and you can instil complete confidence in your clientele that you have their best interest in mind.

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