Business Safety During Covid-19

2020 has made us all rethink our working lives and the way we conduct our business day to day. Whole industries have needed to adapt dramatically, including redesigning workspaces, optimising their online presence/revenue and, perhaps most notably, enabling staff to work from home. And all these things require investment, such as new equipment and software,…
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Phone Temporarily Unvailable

My phone lines will be down until Wednesday 14th October Please reach me via the contact form on my website or any of my social media inboxes

Forensics and Private Investigation

Shakespeare once wrote ‘A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool’ and I definitely consider myself a fool! One of the things I love most about my job is that I am constantly learning new things. Most of the time this comes in the form of…
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Warning: Thieves Operate in this Season

In the UK, we are all familiar with the sign ‘WARNING: Thieves Operate in this Area’. You will find it in tourist hotspots, busy high streets or crowded car parks, but it could be hung almost anywhere. What do you do when you see this sign? I would wager my purse that most of us…
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Volunteer Services and Your Safety

The world we live in has changed a lot in the past months. While we have been physically distant, communities have come together to help their most vulnerable, celebrating the fact that we are all in this together even when we are apart. From community Facebook groups to national services, it has been humbling to…
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Coronavirus: The Digital Threat

At this point you are probably a little sick of (read: absolutely at your wits end with) reading about Covid-19. But while we are all stuck indoors, protecting the people and establishments we care about, it is important that we also remember to protect ourselves against the threats inside our own homes. It is a…
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Behaviour Red Flags

January is over, and you may find that a lot of people are just about ready to give up on their new year’s resolutions. Whether it was eating healthy, going to the gym, saving money or numerous other hopeful ideals, a New Year sees a host of ‘New Me’s’ as people adopt strange habits outside…
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Shopping Scams

Oh the weather outside it frightful Online shopping is so delightful And that’s when your guard is low Scammers know, scammers know, scammers know. Buying gifts for loved ones during the holiday season can be a huge source of anxiety and stress for many of us, particularly focusing on stretching finances and finding the time…
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What makes a good Private Investigator?

When you are looking for the right Private Investigator for your case, the internet is full of advice and traits to look out for. It is impossible to remember every detail, and you may miss something important, like trying to remember an entire shopping list, but then looking at the shelves of options and drawing…
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My Interesting Job – Sheerluxe Interview

As you know, I love sharing snippets of information about my job; I find it so interesting and I hope you do too. So I was extra delighted when lifestyle and culture online magazine Sheerluxe wanted to talk to me about it; of course I jumped at the chance! Read the full interview here!  …
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