How Can You Trust Your Exes New Partner?

Break-ups are unpleasant, painful, and difficult. Even the most amicable of splits can bring up a lot of dfferent feelings, and this is especially true when there are children involved. But it is made significantly harder when one ex moves on and gets a new partner. 

Not only are there feelings of hurt and resentment, maybe even jealousy, but when there are kids involved, a new partner can be downright scary. 

Who is this person? And why should you have to blindly trust them? 

One would like to hope the that your former partner’s trust in this new person is enough to help you feel more confident, but when trust has already been broken, it can be almost impossible to believe them. When historically they’ve only had their own best interest at heart, how can you be sure they’ll take care of your kids? 

This is where a private investigator can help. There are many methods for an investigator to get details about your exes new partner. 

Financial checks 

It’s possible to find out a persons financial history, which can shed a lot of light on their past behaviour. Have they got extreme debt or any CCJS? Or are they financially linked to and suspicious people or businesses? 

Criminal checks 

With access to certain databases, I can find out if this person has any criminal activity in their past. This could involve anything from small crimes to more serious concerns such as abuse. 

Background check 

A full background check can uncover the above as well as things like employment history, address history, and highlight any concerning associates. 

How can this help? 

When armed with information, you can be sure your children are safe with this new person. However, in some cases some shocking information can come to light. This can be used as evidence which can help sway custody battles, or even arrange restraining orders. 

If you need the truth, reach out. I can help.