Post-Lockdown Crime Recap

Crime has fallen over the last year in the UK, official records reveal, but as a private investigator I’ve continued to witness a spike in the number of drug-related and anti-social behaviour cases.

Whilst it was natural to see robbery, theft and vehicle crime go down during the pandemic when many of us weren’t venturing out, at-home anti-social behaviour took a steep climb and so too did drug dealing.

There was also a significant rise in catfishing (creating fake personas online to con people for financial gain) and dog theft. Whilst dog theft numbers have slowed since we came out of lockdown, it’s important for owners to remain vigilant when out on walks, and of course as the darker evenings draw in, it’s yet another time of year for criminals to strike.

For the remainder of the year, I’d expect to see anti-social behaviour peter off and home burglary and robberies once again begin to climb, and with peak holiday season just a few days away, I’d encourage those who are going away to take advantage of the Bank Holiday, to take extra safety measures.

In my role, I rely heavily on cameras and social media to track down unscrupulous behaviour, crime and missing people and I would actively encourage those wishing to keep an eye on their home to install or have installed a home camera system that can be linked to the phone. That way, people can check up on the security of their home and feel assured that their house is being monitored.

Like many things, crime both at home and in the workplace does go through seasonal trends and if you think you have been a victim of crime and would like an investigation to taking place before the police become involved, don’t hesitate to contact me at 07388 925001 or